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Tropida Marine is a dynamic independent organisation offering a diverse range of solutions to the maritime, small craft (motorboats & sailing yachts), and insurance industries. It is our conviction that exceeding the expectations of individual small craft owners and marine companies alike should not be the exception but the industry norm.

Not only are we passionate about the sea and the life it harbours we also share the view that the marine environment has a lot more to offer than just summer swimming. The sea offers virtually an infinite number of possibilities for commercial activities and adventurous experiences for all year round otherwise unattainable on-land or in the air.

Whether you are a shipping company interested in a draught survey, an experienced mariner or a novice considering acquiring your first motor boat or contemplating what type of marine coating to paint the hull of your boat we can help. Tropida Marine's solutions are divided into the maritime division and the small craft division.



Tropida Marine

Founded by experienced Marine Technologists and Mechanical Engineers with a strong theoretical background and practical know-how in the marine and the small craft sectors, Tropida Marine is the foremost provider of marine solutions in Cyprus. Our qualified ship and yacht designers and engineers have a solid understanding of marine propulsion systems, yacht and marine design, hydrodynamics, ship and yacht stability, structural design, environmental matters, computer aided design, engineering materials, safety, repair and maintenance, and marine regulations to name but a few topics.

We embrace the philosophy that the high degree of sophistication of contemporary marine vessels calls for specialised engineering and scientific expertise. When the boat or ship is exposed to the elements of nature with little margin for contingency or experimentation there is no substitute to entrusting your vessel to the experts. Our team includes professional members of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK), the Royal Institution of Naval Architects with Chartered Engineer status registered with the UK Engineering Council.

Integrating a strong theoretical basis and practical expertise, Tropida Marine offers a comprehensive range of solutions for even the most demanding ship or boat owner. Appreciating the rapidly evolving technological nature of the marine industry we invest in the continuous professional development of our staff. This is complemented by access to dedicated professional publications in the field. To this end, we take pride in sharing our knowledge with our clients.

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